Community Definitions:


“Out of the Box”

  • fresh perspective; non-conformal, unconventional
  • off the shelf; ready to customize & personalize
  • creative, innovative, unusual, exceptional, distinctive
  • beyond borders; cross-cultural



  • relationships between people who help support one another



  • feeling an affinity with, relating to & content with others, one’s environment & oneself



  • a lack of communication
  • a failure of understanding
  • withdrawn into one’s  private world
  • a discrepancy; lack of connection
  • lacking a logical sequence; incoherent

CO Meetup Community:


For professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses who…

… are experienced with or aspire to connect with a national, international and/or multicultural market

… value customized solutions and fresh perspectives over templated, cookie-cutter conventions

… seek genuine, quality relationships based on mutual support and respectful understanding

… are fueled by a passion to help others


Colorado businesses that service clients and customers beyond our box-shaped borders face different challenges from those who target our local and small-niche communities. Likewise, alternative businesses that don’t fit traditional molds and templates can face similar types of obstacles for how to be understood and positioned in the competitive market.


We believe that quality relationships anchor the foundation of success. In order for Colorado-bred businesses to effectively compete with the coasts and beyond, we as a community benefit by coming together to support one another and maximize our collective resources. Unlike so many local enterprises merely fueled by ambition and enthusiasm, we target our focus on high-level, quality execution that achieves impactful results.


We welcome professionals of any industry who strive for excellence at the highest level, conduct and attract business beyond conventional borders and thrive when venturing out of the box.


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please join us if you…

… prefer to pave your own path & float to your own boat

… are fueled by a passion for helping, supporting and inspiring others

… feel most free when liberated from societal constraints and toxic behavior

… embrace multiculturalism and are open-minded about alternative points of view

… love exploring the world’s gorgeous spectrum of many colors (incl. cultures, nature & art)

… have aspects of your life that are unconventional or non-traditional

… thrive when venturing out of the box!


this community is NOT for you if you…

… follow herds

… keep up with the Joneses

… prefer to contort the world into only black or white

… conform blindly and prefer a cookie-cutter approach to life

… feel most comfortable leading a simple life in a contained little box

… self-segregate with fear, loathing & condemnation toward others who are not exactly like you

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