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Excerpts from the two-hour class:

Making & maintaining the connection with your audience

Next day responses from attendees:

“What a fabulous presentation/workshop you have done on How to Create an Engaging Newsletter. You have brought me from elementary to university level and [I] already have drafted a super newsletter for one of my projects and know it will be effective and very engaging…


Carrie, you are an ocean of skills and wisdom to turn anyone’s life around. Your enthusiasm is contagious and encourages us to pass it on to others around us. Thanks a million”


“We are so appreciative of how generous you are with your time and expertise. You generated so many ideas for attendees with your streamlined, insightful approach to newsletter marketing... Once again, thank you!”

CONTACT: clo@clo-communications.com

Event description:

Want to learn how to create a kick-ass newsletter? A publication that not only enables you to maintain a strong relationship with your list, but also converts them to paying clients and customers? In this class, Carrie Osgood of CLO Communications will teach you how steer clear of the dreaded “unsubscribe” notice and provide you with tools and insight that will enable you to craft quality content that enhances your brand and engages with your target audience.


From creating clickable and credible headlines to polishing your overall presentation, we will examine the anatomy of a newsletter from top to bottom. This class will help you recognize what strategy works best for you by tapping into your why, clarifying your when and gaining confidence with the how. Personalized Q&A time will also be included.



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