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Carrie headlined the September 2014 CRAVE NYC event as part of the international professional women’s networking community. The chosen monthly topic was Storytelling and the group called the inspirational theme “Discover your story magic!”

In her talk, Carrie provided educational takeaways by exploring the definition of stories beyond traditional concepts. She opened the discussion with the question, “what is a story?” Her definition as it applies to creative strategy is “communication with the intent to create a connection, make an impression and elicit an emotional reaction.”


She also shared her own personal story about lessons she’s learned throughout her life-long love affair with the art and craft of storytelling in all of its many forms – from the visual, verbal, statistical, experiential & interpersonal to the literal & conceptual.

Excerpts from the 40-minute talk – including sample Q&A:

Different ways to talk about storytelling

Three things audiences love

Answer to audience question (below)

Connecting your story with the world

“What do you think in your personal opinion is the biggest barrier or challenge for either individuals or businesses to tell a compelling, effective story?”

Next day responses from attendees:

“Your storytelling passion is definitely inspiring. I see STORY everywhere now :)”


“I was delighted to join the [event]. Thought you did a great job of leading the group. Everyone felt comfortable to share and offer great suggestions. Story telling is a wonderful skill, thank you for sharing your story and skill.”


“Loved your background in storytelling… This experience was really helpful in knowing you're not alone. I feel like I have panics sometimes of what I'm going to say to people when they ask “and what do you do?” I hate that judgy feeling. That's what I was hoping to get out of the event, learning how to tell my story or “pitch” to people… Many thanks!”


“Great event Carrie! There was great energy, and I really enjoyed connecting with the other ladies.”

Event description:

At CRAVE we've been thinking a lot about communication style, especially the power of storytelling. We're wired for stories. We see ourselves in each other's stories. It's a great way to connect. Whether face to face, blogging, or posting on pinterest... we're telling our story. The whole idea behind our Urban Campfire events is the connection experienced in storytelling around the campfire. Is there a story driving your business message?


Join us at CRAVEfuel to explore and learn more about the art and craft of storytelling. Discover your story magic!


Come to CRAVEfuel for an inspiring night of shared stories and meaningful conversations. We'll help each other unburden, unload and identify the people and places that are filling us up versus the environments that our depleting our energy. • theCraveCompany.com


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