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Through customized creative and consulting services, CLO maintains an innate sensitivity to diverse

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• Columbia University's Earth Institute

• United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)


• Guardian News & Media

• CBS News/The Osgood File (no relation)

• Marcus Foundation in collaboration with the team behind Participant Media's anti-hunger documentary/campaign "A Place at the Table" and #SNAPAlumni

• University of Colorado Denver’s
College of Arts & Media

• Audrey Beaulac Style Inc.

• Kina Crow LLC

• various start-ups and small businesses

about Carrie & her distinctive toolbox

Carrie has many storytelling tools that don’t fit into a traditional box. Internationally recognized for her eclectic body of work, she has a broad versatility that enables her to reliably connect with audiences around the world.

With a journalistic foundation in international and domestic policy, advocacy and education, she has a specialty in translating controversial issues into a range of written and designed materials for the public, from traditional and interactive narratives, to infographics, original imagery and data visualizations.

She began her career in Hollywood, professional theater and at Interbrand, one of the world’s largest brand consultancy firms. She went on to spend close to a dozen years as a graphic artist, data journalist, editorial supervisor and design leader for the Associated Press.

Her published writing, photography and illustrations have connected with audiences all around the world, and her work has been recognized with numerous industry awards, including a nomination for the Pulitzer Prize.

* * * * *

Much of Carrie’s success has to do with the extensive training she received in the decade plus leading up to Y2K – her life before she took her first art-school design class, published her first written story and wrapped her head around her first database.

Her years directing and designing for theater taught her to step back and sit in the audience’s chair to embody their perspective while receiving a production. Her background performing as a trained vocalist conditioned her to instinctually feel a musical rhythm and flow when delivering stories. And her job speaking in front of different groups of high school students every day forced her to prioritize being entertaining and compassionate while seeing the world from their perspective – or else she’d be aggressively booed out of the classroom.

From that foundation, she went on to expand her toolbox as an accomplished designer, writer, data-journalist, photographer, editor, creative director – and fellow small-business owner who personally identifies with the challenges facing start-ups and solopreneurs.

She speaks design, sees type, hears copy, pictures data, reads audiences and creates order out of apparent chaos.

Her toolbox may be unconventional, yet it enhances her ability to tap into a deep well of expertise to create and help others achieve effective solutions to complex communications challenges across all media – from the visual, verbal, statistical, interpersonal and experiential.


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